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Bike Rodeo is coming September 7, 2023!

Bike Rodeo Details:

  • All permission slips must be received by Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

  • Permission slips will be sent home via backpacks and social media. 

  • Delivery of a bicycle does not assume permission by the parent.  We must have a signed permission slip in order for your child to participate.

  • Each bike AND helmet must be identified with student’s name, grade and teacher.

  • Students may not share a friend’s bike, only a sibling’s bike.  This is a requirement of Officer Aguero. 

  • Students must ride with their class.


Bike Drop-Off (parent drop off area in back lot):

After 6:30 a.m. Bike only drop off

7:05-7:40 a.m. Bike & child drop off


Rodeo Schedule: TBA

Bike Pick-Up (parent drop off area in back lot):

Bikes may be picked up after your child’s event (preferred) until 3:00.

2:55 bike and child pick-up in parent drop off line.

All bikes must be picked up by 3:15 p.m.  No bikes will be stored overnight.

If you have a child participating that stays in the KINS afterschool program, please speak with the KINS director for help with bikes.


Practice Bike Safety Course:  

Parents are allowed to bring their child to the school on weekends and evenings prior to event to practice for the bike rodeo.  The lower parking lot has the painted lines for the course. 


We need parent helpers!

If you would like to help during bike rodeo, please keep a lookout for a volunteer signup! 




Points and Scoring:

On the day of the rodeo, Officer Aguero from San Antonio Police Department will conduct a bicycle inspection looking at the condition of each bike.  He will award or deduct points for the following items [points in ( )]:


  • Front light in working order (flashlight ok with metal clamps) (5)

  • Bicycle horn or bell (5)

  • Red reflectors on rear (or light on rear that works) (10)

  • Chain guards missing (10)

  • Loose or broken (defective) chain guard (5)

  • Brakes not working (10)

  • Spokes (missing, broken, and/or loose) (5 pedal) (5 tire) (10)

  • Pedals (missing and/or broken) (5/pedal) (10)

  • Hand grips (missing and/or broken) (5/hand grip) (10)

  • Handle bars (loose) (5)

  • Steering post (worn or loose) (5)

  • Saddle/seat (loose) (5)

  • Tire(s) defective (loose and/or warped) (5)

  • Chain too loose or too tight (5)


The highest total score for any child will be 200 points.  100 points can be awarded for bicycle inspection and 100 points for the course, consisting of four stations.  Each participant will be awarded 10 extra points for wearing a helmet, which can offset any deductions on the inspection.  


After the inspection, your child will ride through the four stations: 


  1. Balance (40) Ride as slowly as possible staying between 2 lines, should take 30 seconds or longer without touching the ground or hitting the lines.

  2. Steering (25) One trip through course at comfortable speed, keeping both wheels on path without touching the ground.

  3. Ride the Circle (20) One time around the circle at comfortable speed, staying on the circle without touching the ground.

  4. Maneuvering the Cones (15) Ride at comfortable speed between cones without touching cones, skipping cones or touching the ground.


Training wheels are allowed and those riders will be placed in a separate category for score comparison purposes.

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