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About Wednesday Walkers

What Is Wednesday Walkers?

The Wilderness Oak PTA hosts Wednesday Walkers every Wednesday morning throughout the school year from 6:55-7:15 am on the track. It’s a chance for students to get some exercise before their day begins. Families are welcome to join!

How Does It Work?

Each participant receives a blank note card and pencil each time they attend. On the notecard, they write their name, teacher’s name, and grade. Keeping the card and pencil with them, they walk or run laps around the track, giving themselves a tally mark for each one they complete. We keep track of each participant’s laps, and they earn prizes along the way for attendance and distance. Our goal as a group is to walk across Texas, from Orange to El Paso (around 850 miles!), by the end of the year.

Why Do We Do It?

Research* shows that exercising before school increases attentiveness and concentration in class, as well as improved mood and mental health. It is also a great way for students to socialize and “get their sillies out” (not scientific) before class begins!

How To Join?

Simply show up! We meet on the track behind the school each Wednesday morning between 6:55-7:15 am. You are welcome to come at any point during that time. Please sign up for our Remind group to be notified about any weather cancellations:



If you have any questions, please reach out to


Here's to your health!

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